“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words
and that which cannot remain silent”

Victor Hugo

Lozzo Atestino 1961, with my father Mario
Lozzo Atestino 1961, with my father Mario

Music has been my companion since when I was a child in the 60s. My father first, instilled me the passion for music and then my friends, in the village where I lived. We used to spend whole afternoons listening to music from tapes and the legendary Philips k7, then the Marantz amp and the Akai cassette player. In fact, high fidelity was still a long way to come.

In the 70s, Hi-fi Connections to loudspeakers were made of very small sections’ simple copper twin leads.

The sound, however, was not satisfactory yet and I kept on looking out for a better one.

My long working experience in silver alloys and my degree as an electronic technician, offered me the opportunity to try and “create” new solutions to improve the level in the quality of the sound.Therefore, for the past 2 years I developed and tested different silver melting to make cables intended for Hi-Fi & Hi-End. The initial marketing campaign did not give the expected results, until this February (2017) when I got phone calls from passionate audiophiles showing interest in our cables. So, I gave them our products on trial and I started to wait for the feedback.

After a few days, the comments were enthusiastic beyond my expectations. Michele, a passionate audiophile from Bari, told me that he was overcome by the surprising audio results on his already excellent system.
The positive feedback encouraged me to start a new range of products – pure silver and/or copper alloy – which are now available. I am proud to say all our products are hand-made in Italy.

Afterwards I got involved in making guitar and microphone cables following the advice of local musicians (Ruggero Robin, a great internationally known guitarist). From this cooperation, following numerous tests in studio I realized a range of very high quality instrumental cables. Bruce Gaitsch, a famous guitarist, composer and producer (best known for having worked with Madonna) from Nashville, Tennessee, wrote to me: ”I have been living with your incredible cables for a few weeks now. The microphone cable is undeniable…. After recording vocals on a Japanese project with the microphone my wife and I love on her voice, well the vocal sounds even better…higher highs, lower lows, cleaner mid range…everything about it is wonderful…”

It is just the beginning of this new challenge, and as we successfully did in the past, I will devote time and energy to offer and ensure high quality products.


Paolo Marchetti