One passion, one story.

Music & Silver


Our long-standing experience in silver melting combined with a long life passion for music brought us to create special cables for a crystal, natural and rich sound.

For over 25 years we have been producing silver alloys


The production ranges from wire and tape to products made with continuous casting, both in silver and bronze. We only use pure metals of 999.9 / 1000 virgin origin, which have never undergone previous work, nor refinements that are not certified “good delivery”. The systems we are equipped with allow us to produce wires with a diameter of 0.08 mm.

The experience acquired over the years and the passion for good music have pushed us into this new business, both productive and commercial.
Research, experimenting, put ourselves on the line, facing new challenges is our everyday life.
That is why we founded “LA Sound” (Lozzo Atestino Sound), the new registered trademark of Comar srl for the audio sector.

The production of cables ranges from the Hi-Fi and Hi-End sector to the professional music sector.
 We produce high quality cables only; they are handicraft products, but their very high standards can offer an outstanding sound performance.



“OLYMPIA” series
(Ag 99.99% cables)

Our cables offer a superior
and unique audio experience.

This series includes only 999.9 / 1000 pure silver (certified 4N) cables; silver is the metal with the best conductivity ever, and when in combination with a top grade insulation and a correct construction pattern offers an unmatchable response to transients. Detail, information, sound purity, bandwidth, all these qualities reach levels unreachable by the best copper and copper/silver cables available on the market.



“DEVIANK” series
(CuAg alloy cables)

Cables in this line are high quality products,
with a really competitive value for money.

This series line includes cables featuring “solid core” conductors, made with our special alloy, produced in continuous casting in our factory, composed of 4N OFC pure copper and 999.9 / 1000 pure silver. This alloy allows us to obtain a particular crystalline structure with very small, impurities-free, grains, and an excellent conductivity. Moreover, these cables offer a full sound, enhancing not only bass response, a typical trait of copper conductors, but high frequencies too, due to the presence of silver in the alloy.