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The Corium series is the new luxury line of our LA Sound brand, aesthetically finished in hand-printed natural leather, cut and woven by hand .
It is the synthesis of technology, elegance and refinement of Made in Italy. It represents our cutting edge to satisfy the demands of the exclusive customer.

The construction of the USB cable meets the best specification with a characteristic 90 ohm impedance.
This USB cable is made with 23 AWG pure silver (99,99% 4N) solid core conductors, the conductors are isolated with expanded Polyethylene, which grants a lower dielectric constant, then twisted and shielded with aluminum/mylar strip; another metallic stoking shield guarantee the protection of the cable from external interferences.

On demand we can produce cables with different lengths.

Available Connectors:
“USB TYPE-A” and “TYPE-B”, with gold-plated contacts.

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