Unbalanced RCA interconnects - Deviank
Unbalanced RCA interconnects - Deviank

Unbalanced RCA interconnects – Deviank

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These unbalanced and shielded cables, thanks to the qualities of OFC pure copper with the addition of silver, give a better sound and a better interfacing of the devices in the chain.

The resulting crystalline structure and the accurate process steps adopted during production offer a wide bandwidth and a detailed sound. These cables can also offer an excellent realism of the presentation, without veils and opacity during playback.

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The cable propagation high speed contributes to achieve a greater dynamics and naturalness of the audio message, with plenty of details and harmonics that create a large three-dimensional scene, with a remarkable increase in detail and depth.

  • details and harmonics
  • dynamics and naturalness
  • three-dimensional scene

With a greater “punch” than pure silver cables, but with a neutral tone throughout the entire audio spectrum, voices are natural and well defined, and the instruments are properly positioned on the virtual stage.

The cables are made exclusively by melting together 99.99% OFC pure copper and 99.99% certified 4N pure silver, which ensure excellent conductivity with a very low resistance Ω/m (40 mΩ/m, 65 pF/m).

On demand we can produce cables with different lengths.

Standard connectors: pure copper RCA with a pure silver surface coating, 8 micron thickness.

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