Unbalanced RCA EVO1 interconnects – Corium

The Corium series is the new luxury line of our LA Sound brand, aesthetically finished in hand-printed natural leather, cut and woven by hand. 
It is the synthesis of technology, elegance and refinement of Made in Italy. It represents our cutting edge to satisfy the demands of the exclusive customer.

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Natural and well-defined voices, instruments precisely positioned on the virtual stage are the strengths of this cable.

This unbalanced RCA EVO 1 is made with 21 AWG pure silver 99,99% (4N certified) solid core conductors, which are then insulated with expanded polyethylene, twisted and shielded with a semi-conductive layer and a metallic stocking tinned copper wire. Polyethylene has an excellent dielectric constant and have great physic characteristics that allow it to adhere to the surface of the conductors and preserve it from surface oxidation. All of this increases the propagation speed of the conductor.

The choices made for the cables production contribute to improving the immunity from external interferences, crosstalk and naturalness of the audio message, with many details and harmonics that create a great tridimensional scene, rich in details and depth.

The wide bandwidth and linearity of the cable contribute to providing an excellent realism of the presentation, without haze and opacity during playback.

On demand we can also produce cables with different lengths.

Standard connectors:

  • “LA Sound” plugs with contact pins made in pure copper silver plated 10 micron.
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1,0, 1,5, 2,0, 2,5, 3,0, 3,5

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