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Deviank speaker cables offer a full warm sound, enhancing not only bass response, a typical trait of copper conductors, but high frequencies too, due to the presence of silver in the alloy.

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They combine a good propagation speed, dynamic and naturalness of music presentation, with plenty of details and harmonics that create a large tridimensional scene and a remarkable increase in detail and depth.

With a greater “punch”, but with a neutral tone throughout the entire audio spectrum, voices are natural and well defined, and the instruments are perfectly positioned on the virtual stage.

Series of cables made with 21 AWG solid core conductors, the crystalline structure achieved and the accurate process steps adopted to produce them give the cables bandwidth, a detailed sound and, in a balanced audio chain, an excellent realism of musical playback.

The conductors are isolated with Teflon, twisted and shielded to prevent electromagnetic interferences and external radio frequencies.

By an additional external wire is possible to connect the internal shield to the ground of the other audio components to preserve the speaker cable from external interference (EMI/RFI).

On demand we can produce cables with different sections and lengths.

Available terminations:

– 99,99% pure copper fork and banana with pure silver surface coating, 10 micron thickness;

– 99.99% pure silver fork, with screws or crimped (crimping can be performed only during cable production).

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Length (m)

1,5, 2,0, 2,5, 3,0, 3,5

Cross-section (mm²)

3,0, 4,0

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